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myPayrazr IVR


PCI-Compliant IVR Platform Optimized for Payments

Efficient payment processing solution that increases automation and lowers overall customer service costs while protecting sensitive data.

Accept Payments Any Time
An IVR solution allows companies to accept credit card and ACH/eCheck payments while reducing the cost of after-hour support services and improving the overall payment experience for customers. Customers can securely make payments 24 hours a day, 365 days a year via a touchtone phone.

Optimized User Experience
Inefficient voice applications delay the payment process for customers – lengthening calls, frustrating callers and resulting in more non-payments. Using Voice XML technologies allows myPayrazr IVR the flexibility to create a call script that creates a unique customer experience that can be optimized for ensuring payments are received.

Secure Infrastructure
Data breeches of sensitive payment information can damage a company’s brand and the confidence their customers have their business. myPayrazr IVR is PCI DSS Level-1 certified, employs Tier 1 redundant telecom infrastructure and houses data in secure, geographically disperse Class A data centers.

High Uptime Scalability
Payment call spikes are a part of business. Yet the monthly and seasonal call spikes can overwhelm an unstable infrastructure. You can relax knowing myPayrazr IVR is built on a mature infrastructure capable of processing billions of calls and can scale at will.

Integrated Suite of Solutions
IVR is part of the Payrazr Marketplace of solutions and is fully integrated with the BillingTree’s processing platform for payments. Designed to provide any payment channel for your customers, BillingTree offers the most comprehensive payment services to meet your business and customer needs.


Learn how myPayrazr IVR can improve your bottom line by eliminating manual processes and automating payment cycles.

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